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About Apostle Brodnax

The Founder & President of James Brodnax Ministries and ‘The School of Apostles’ a learning institution that is divinely designed to navigate those who have a call to function in the Prophetic Ministry, yet it distributes valuable tools that are applicable to any office of Ministry, Business Ventures, Personal Growth & Development for ‘greatness’.

Many Businesses, Churches, Ministries and Faith-Based Organizations have consulted Apostle Brodnax for counsel and direction for wholeness and wealth through the Word of God.

His life-empowering message that conveys “Kingdom Living Here and Now” have sparked victorious living for believers as he continues to expound on the Teachings of the unadulterated Word of God.

The anointing on Apostle Brodnax has been the foundation to many that were operating gifts without wisdom, wealth or understanding of the divine order of God. “He exhibits a phenomenal gift and unique ability to motivate, challenge and empower people with Biblical Truths, signs, and wonders; ” therefore, compelling them to live beyond mediocrity and embrace a more excellent way of living.

Today, Apostle Brodnax, a dynamic messenger of Faith, consistently proclaims words of wisdom that bring the inquiring minds subject to the ‘principles of living life’ that is equivalent with the attributes of ‘wholeness and abundance’ sought by every living being.

Lady Brodnax, his beautiful, eloquent, and graceful wife supports Apostle Brodnax in his national & international vision for Restoration, Knowledge and Wealth to the masses, while adequately serving as his Chief Officer of Ministerial Operations.